Selecting the Right Storage Unit Size

More and more people are in need of Self Storage Units because modern housing is designed to be smaller to accommodate a growing population. Whether living in a condominium in a major city, an apartment complex on the edge of town, or a single-family house in the suburbs, if the structure is fairly new, plan on researching Self Storage Facilities in Queens NY. Newer housing does not appear to be smaller due to open floor plans, high ceilings, and loft bedrooms, but storage space was the first component to be minimized in the quest to place more people in concentrated housing units.


People who have never used Storage Units in Queens NY may have difficulty selecting the right size unit to suit the needs. There are a few ways to determine sizing. The most convenient is to check out websites of companies that offer Self Storage Units in Queens NY for the dimensions of available units. Some companies provide small, medium, or large units, while others offer several different options.

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One company, Storage Post, offers sizes that range from small lockers to large outdoor storage spaces for boats or recreational vehicles. There are approximately twenty-five sizing options. Experienced staff can provide selection assistance, which is another way to determine proper sizing. Customers can call the locations to speak to staff, or stop by to discuss needs and view empty units.


While sizing is the most important aspect of reserving a unit, the amenities offered can make a substantial difference in how easy it is to load and unload items. Inside loading bays are excellent for loading or unloading a unit is inclement weather. They also provide privacy and an added level of security as people do not see exactly what is going into the unit. Elevators, motion-sensor hallway lighting, and access to units seven days a week are also premium amenities.

Levels of Security

This aspect requires a balance between customer comfort levels, pricing, and need. Facilities that provide on-site security guards twenty-four hours a day will have higher rental rates to cover increased overhead costs. Surveillance cameras, coded gates, and secured parking spaces offer high levels of security without the higher rental costs. This is something that every renter has to decide individually. If awake guards are desired, the higher cost will be worth it to that customer. Units that will be used for seasonal decorations, a lawnmower, or extra bedding and towels will not need the highest level of security available.

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